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Life is but one love (一生不过一个挚爱)

Dear that is not love that is on a whim.亲爱的,那不是爱情。

I want to be your sun around you我想做你的太阳,陪伴在你身旁。

Where there is love, there are always wishes. 哪里有爱,哪里就有希望。

With the wonder of your love, the sun above always shines. 拥有你美丽的爱情,太阳就永远明媚。

Meet the best of you at the right time.在正确的时间遇见最好的你。

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 对于世界而言,你是一个人;但是对于某个人,你是他的整天世界.

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. 精彩的人生不必苛求完美。

Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have. 时间不等人,珍惜你所拥有的每分每秒吧!

I wish I could keep my temper under control. 我希望能克制住自己的脾气。

You have to believe in yourself That’s the secret of success. 人必须有自信,这是成功的秘密。

My world only you know. 我的世界只有你懂。

Happy, Because you are there. 快乐,因为有你的存在。

I love you from the heart is not the mouth. 我爱你的心不是嘴。

Life is but one love. 一生不过一个挚爱。

Time is money. 时间就是金钱。

Well begun is half done. 好的开端是成功的一半。

Love never dies. 爱情永不死。

Do you want to go to heaven? 你想上天堂吗?

I love you from heart. 我发自内心地爱你。

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