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God is always on the side of the strongest battalions. 上帝总是帮助强者。

From today on,to be a happy person.从今天起,做一个快乐的人。

Heart is mine, but full of you. 心是我的,可里面全是你。

I know that my future is not just a dream. 我知道我的未来不是梦。

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough. 假若你没有犯错,你就是不够努力。

Youth means limitless possibilities. 年轻就有无限可能。

Beauty is always lonely. 美女总是孤独的。

I’m going to be a merry person. 我要做一个风流快活的人。

I grew up in the struggle. 我在奋斗中获得了成长。

We have to be the master of our own destiny. 我们要做自己命运的主人。

Don’t judge my path, if you haven’t walked my journey.若你没有经历过我的旅程,就不要来批判我走的道路。

Thank you so far have not one to miss me.感谢至今都没有一个人对我难以割舍 。

Dont give up, the dream will always be near.不要放弃,梦想永远是附近。

I have nothing here. 我在这里一无所有.

Promise, sometimes, is what a cheater said to a fool. 承诺,有时候,就是一个骗子说给一个傻子听的。

I dont like this world,but I like you.我不喜欢这个世界,但是我喜欢你。

Love is a kind of faith. 爱是一种信仰。

There is always a person, in my heart.总有一个人,常驻我心。

Always margin of shallow, but deep.向来缘浅,奈何情深。

Goodbye my almost lover. 再见了,我无缘的爱人。

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